Our specialists will take care of every detail, guiding your shipment and safeguarding you against any risks

Each and every boat owner want to protect themselves against all types of risks in order to trac the transport of their yacht in a relaxed manner. After all, these luxury items can be valued at several million Euros. With us, you have the security of knowing that experienced professionals are handling the transportation of your yacht and the relevant requirements with the necessary care. We will gladly advise you in advance with respect to the transportation possibilities, and discuss these with you in order to find the best solution for all concerned. Furthermore, we continually keep you informed of the progress, from the initial enquiry all the way to the delivery, while comprehensively and promptly answering all of your questions along the way. Our own experienced loadmasters accompany the entire loading and unloading process, and ensure safe operative procedures and gapless documentation between all the parties involved. In this way we guarantee that your yacht is competently loaded and unloaded.

PM Shipping generates a large volume of freight, and therefore can offer you outstanding freight prices and capacities with renowned shipping companies. In addition the customs procedures at the place of origin and destination are also included in our service.


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