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Sustainability, further development, quality

PM Shipping & Brokerage GmbH is a logistics services and consulting company focussing on project logistics. We stand for successful quality and needs-orientated fulfilment of our customer’s requirements, and support them in all project phases from the preparation and conclusion of decisions through the design of effective processes and the appropriate organisation right the way up to an optimised operative implementation...

Green Energy
Supporting resource-saving technologies

Negative effects on the environment, potential risks and resource shortages are forcing the economy to re-think. New technologies are being developed and implemented in order to make more efficient use of resources, to protect the environment as a natural habitat and to eradicate the hazard potential of outdated technologies...

Marine Logistics

We work closely with leading yacht manufacturers and dealers to meet the needs of the industry. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and the delivery of quality services within your budget.


Still the most flexible means of transport in the world.

The selection process of our sub-contractors is an instrumental part of our verifiable Quality Management policy, and is subject to the demands of high performance and reliability.

Current projects

Here you will find a small overview about our current projects.


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