Project logistics

Project logistics

Coordination and specialisation

- Two decisive factors for the success of our project logistics -

One core characteristic of projects is their uniqueness, because no project is routine or identical to another. The principle task of project logistics is the creation of tailor-made supply networks, as well as the coordination of project related service providers, specialists, materials and information. A successful logistics manager is a true all-rounder, with the ability to improvise in combination with practical thinking, exact knowledge of the technology involved and an innate feel for organisation.

The project manager provides a link between planning and execution. As an on-site "extension" and executive body, the project manager always has a company-internal loadmaster delegated to them, who is simultaneously also a customer contact or the person responsible for the project on-site.

PM Shipping & Brokerage GmbH provides the necessary expertise and experience. Within the scope of international projects, global and multi-modal transport for industrial systems, machines, vehicles and bulk heavy goods are part of our customers’ everyday business.