Avoiding traffic jams all the way across Europe to Russia, Central Asia and China

As far as the planning and execution of inner-European transport is concerned, then it is impossible not to think of rail links. In combination with trucks, possibilities are created on many routes to fuse the advantages of all modes of transport, in particular: Cost efficiency, time savings, safety and environmental friendliness. Due to the rapid expansion of the rail network and terminals in Asia, goods can be transported across Russia and all the way to China.

PM Shipping & Brokerage GmbH assists you with transport and project planning, and selects the most economical option for your order. We will check the transportation via rail on suitable routes and are happy to advise you on the details.

Our range of services encompasses:

  • Organisation of rail transport in combined goods traffic
  • Organisation of container transport within Europe, as well as to Russia, Central Asia and China