With a wide variety of additional services we make your transportation as efficient and comfortable as possible – you can choose if we shall arrange all further needs for you or just parts of it.

Get an overview about the needed preparations and documentary procedure, decide what you want to do on your own and delegate it partially or completely to our professionals. We are pleased to offer you all services in a modular system.

By working with a worldwide network of professionals in the maritime industry we are able to deliver the most satisfying experience of a “turnkey transportation”.

Transport Insurance

Each and every boat and yacht owner wants to protect themselves against all types of risks in order to track the transport in a relaxed manner. After all, the value of your boat can easily be a couple of millions. Despite the utmost care, transport risks can never be ruled out completely and unfortunately, the legal liability often does not cover the full potential damage. Our team will assist you with questions about liability gaps and if necessary, arrange the relevant insurance accordingly.

Customs Clearance

No matter if port of Hamburg or the docks of Miami – import, export or transit clearance: Our employees and partner can help you to navigate your goods through any customs procedure.

Survey Services

The documentation of shipments can provide additional certainty by means of expert opinions. For this reason, we trust on surveyors with vast experience and expertise to ensure that all relevant details are recorded accurately and on time.

Skipper service

You and your crew can’t be around during loading or discharge? No problem – we have a worldwide network of well-experienced skippers who will be pleased to deliver your yacht to and from our vessel.

Berth reservations

Looking at our very good network of partners in all ports of the world we can arrange you a berth to stay on either before or after the transportation without any problems. All further services such as cleaning, polishing or providing technicians to take care of any problems will be arranged by our team in next to no time.

Transport cradles and other loading means

Only a few owners do have their own cradling system accompanying their boat or yacht. We are pleased to supply you with tailormade transport cradles for the duration of the transport – of course we can also supply cradles for you to keep which can be used for storage after the transport.

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