Many orders in this field are technical emergencies, in which every second counts. In the course of our activities, we have developed practice-tested emergency plans with defined procedures which allow the situation to be analyzed without losing valuable time and allow us to react with a suitable solution.

Besides time, the accessibility of the destination is a further challenge. Often offshore systems, ships in international waters or vessels in crisis regions throughout the world are concerned.

Even with all the diligence under which you operate your yacht or vessel, problems or even damages may happen – we do our utmost to deliver the needed spares as soon as possible and without any problems to avert further damage and ensure the timely repairs.

PM Shipping & Brokerage GmbH has a wide network of specialist companies divided into regions and with differing task focuses which can be specifically deployed depending on the order. In this way, we combine speed with reliability, and therefore provide a service portfolio which is operational anywhere and at any time:

  • Jet and helicopter chartering
  • On-board courier
  • Customs clearance, secondary packaging and other document processing
  • Spare part consolidation and storage

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